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Mr David Smith has stood down as Chairman of the Reading Branch of the Association.  At the Branch meeting on 30 April 2024, Mr Peter Richens was unanimously elected as the new Chairman

David Smith has given over half a century of service to the Association and Regiment.  His military service began as a Sea Cadet in Reading which also saw the start of his career in military music as he became their ‘Silver Bugler’.  In 2009 he joined the Reading Scottish Pipe Band and spent 5 years as their Drum Major until forced to step down through ill health.  He joined the Army in July 1962 the day before his 18th birthday and trained at Honiton, Devon prior to joining 1 DERR in Tidworth.  Thereafter he served in Malta, Cyprus, West Germany and Catterick before he finally left the Drums Platoon in 1971.  In 1973 he was a founding member of the Reading Branch of the Regimental Association.  Following his regular service, he served for 5 years with 63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (V) and then joined the Berkshire Army Cadet Force where for 8 years he was the East Berkshire Company Sgt Maj Instructor.  As he approaches his 80th birthday, David continues to be an active member of the Reading Branch and has surely earned our heartfelt thanks for his tremendous and continuing service.

Peter Richens also completed his recruit training at Honiton, joining the Army in August 1962.  He was posted to 1 DERR in Malta in February 1963, joining 6 Platoon, B Company with whom he completed 2 Battalion exercises in Libya.  In 1964 he served with the 1st Bn during its operational tour countering EOKA terrorists in Cyprus.  A notable athlete, Peter won the Middle East Army Cross Country Championship, the Malta Inter Services Cross Country Championship and the 1 and 3 mile races and the Steeplechase at the Malta Army Athletic Championship.  He then went on to win the Army (Cyprus) Cross Country Championship and completed the Bn Junior NCO’s Cadre in 1965.  Later that year, he transferred to The Parachute Regiment where he served for a further 20 years, retiring in 1985 as a Warrant Officer Class 2.  In addition to taking over as Branch Chairman, Peter has been the driving force behind the annual Maiwand Reunion and Gathering for a number of years


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