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Operation Husky

I was in Sicily this weekend, for the anniversary of Operation Husky. As my grandfather, Sgt Charlie Howard MM, took part in the invasion, as part of the 98th Sussex and Surrey Yeomanry RA.

Whilst at the Commonwealth War Cemetery at Syracuse, I was asked to lay a wreath, on behalf of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, as part of the remembrance service.

I took some time to search for men from the regiment, who were laid to rest there. I did find two (I’m sorry if there were more, but time ran out) and paid my respects. 

I have attached photos I took, of the regiment’s wreath at their graves. There were photos of Sgt Mackie and Capt Lloyd placed there already, which was quite moving. 

I just thought your association would appreciate knowing, that the wreath you sent, was placed at Syracuse with the respect that it deserved and 80 years on, those men were remembered. 

Kind regards

Luke Howard

1 thought on “Operation Husky”

  1. From the Chairman
    Good Morning Luke,

    Thank you for your post regarding your recent visit to Sicily and laying the Royal Berkshire Regiment wreath at the graves of Sgt Mackay and Capt Lloyd. The Sicily campaign was a stern test for the 10th Battalion The Royal Berkshires.

    The 10th Battalion later took part in the landings at Anzio where again they sustained heavy casualties and as a result were disbanded with those surviving electing to join the London Irish with whom they had fought alongside at Anzio.

    On behalf of the Royal Berkshire Regiment and its successor regiments, thank you for your act of Remembrance and the images which will be passed on to the regimental museum.

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