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Ian Spence, in his appointment as Regimental Secretary of the RGBW did ask every Officer or soldier who served with our regiments to produce a career synopsis, which many did, but I am afraid in gap between the formation of the Rifles and the closure of Custom House as a Rifles Office those records seem to have adopted the aboriginal custom of going walkabout.

So my request is simply, if you wish to have an obituary as detailed as Major (QM) Douglas Clifford Mortimer, please pen me a summary of you career(s) by completing the form below. Rather than having lots of fields to fill in you can write your own obituary and upload it via the form as either a word document or a PDF. The main things it should contain is where you served, for what period and anything notable that happened during that period, promotions, events, courses etc.

To reassure you, the information that you supply will be maintained in confidence, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. It will be safely held in the office of the Chairman of the Regimental Association, Col. (Ret’d) Michael Cornwell OBE.

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