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The Death of Richard Dunscombe – Wilts/DERR

 In the early morning of 8 December William Richard Dunscombe died peacefully at home.  Known throughout his military career as Richard, Rich or Tich, he enlisted into the Wiltshire Regiment serving with them in the 1956 -1958 tour in Cyprus during the Eoka Campaign. On returning to UK  amalgamation with the Royal Berkshire Regiment saw him becoming a member of the Signal Platoon of 1 DERR. Later during the Minden tour of BAOR 1965-1969 he was a Platoon Sergeant in A Company. From 1 DERR he then went on to be a Signal Training Sergeant at the IJLB in Owestry. Returning to 1 DERR in Berlin in 1972 Richard became the Officers Mess Colour Sergeant. After completing his full army career he became the civilian Officers Mess Manager of the Bulford Garrison Officers Mess.  Richard was a highly respected SNCO in the Regiment, known for his sense of humour, impeccable standards and great management skills. Outside of the military environs he loved following cricket of any standard.
We extend our condolence to his family.
Details of his funeral will be published as soon as they are known.

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