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Online Branch

We are looking at the possibility at setting up an “Online Branch” for those Association members who do not belong to a bricks & mortar branch. Not quite sure how it would work yet but just to gauge the feeling of members please can I ask you to complete the form below

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3 thoughts on “Online Branch”

    1. Good question Norman, When you consider that only a very small percentage of Association members actually belong to a physical branch we as, an Regimental Association must look at ways to bring our veterans back to us. There are various reasons why veterans have not joined a branch and i think that physical location is the main reason. The online branch could act as a feeder for physical branches. I know that there are facebook groups and pages but not everyone is either on Facebook or active on facebook. Plus it may give members a sense of “belonging” when asked which branch are you a member of?

      1. Thank you for your explanation.

        I see that the Cyber Branch has now opened its doors to the world and is offering membership application to those who either chose not to, or are geographically isolated from, an established branch. I wish you well in this venture and hope to see the numbers swell rapidly.


        Norman Minty.

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