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Association Annual General Meeting

Whilst a venue and date have yet to be finalised, it is planned to have the 2022 Association AGM in late January or early February 2023.  The delay has been caused by virtue of the fact the Rifles and RGBW Management Board needed to have it’s inaugural meeting before the 11th Association AGM. That meeting was held in October and with the run in to Remembrance Poppy Collection fortnight, the present FIFA World Cup and then Christmas it was judged better to hold it in the New Year.  Not unnaturally, catering costs have soared since we last meet and many venues are also charging for room hire so although enquires have been sought the final selection has to be made.  In the meantime please find attached the Agenda for the 11th AGM and the Minutes of the 10th AG which will need a vote as being an accurate record of that last AGM.

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