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  1. Introduction. It is intended to hold the Back Badge reunion this year on the 26th March at Walls social club , Hammond Way, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL43HG. As before a church service at St Marys deLode and subsequent march through Gloucester will precede the lunch and gathering.
  2. Background. Some key points for the day include:
  • Church Service at St Mary de Lode. The service will begin at 11.30 am. Please take your seats by 11.15 am. As before Canon Nikki Arty has kindly agreed to lead. All are most welcome and we plan on members of our former Regimental Band accompanying the service.
  • March through Gloucester. Form up under parade marshal Len Keeling near to the West door of the Church, on Archdeacon Street, and proceed to Westgate Street. The salute will be taken on the steps to Gloucestershire County Hall. The march continues along Westgate to Southgate Street before turning in to Longsmith Street. There participants will halt and fall out.
  • Transport. Mr Andy Casey is kindly making available transport to Walls Social Club from outside the Church and also Longsmith Street. If required, please annotate the proforma.

LIFTS Mrs Jenny McBryde will organise lifts from car owners with spare seats, drivers are requested to inform Jenny who will fill their seats.

  • Gathering. Walls Social Club is kindly arranging lunch at a most reasonable price of

£25.00 per head (same as 2020) for a three-course menu plus coffee or tea, a bottle of red and white wine will be available at each table for no extra charge.

  • Widows. The committee wish to encourage attendance by our regimental widows. Please try to bring along a widow or widower.
  • Standard Bearers at the Church. Please attend the brief rehearsal at 10.45 am.
  1. Participation. Those from the wider regimental family of Regulars, Reserves, Cadets, Association as well as key supporters from the community are encouraged to submit a proforma. Tickets will be issued in advance. Please assist in spreading the word to the widows of our comrades; the committee can facilitate attendance as regimental guests.
  2. Concluding Comment. Due to the various strains of covid we have been unable to proceed with our Back Badge reunion for the last 2 years so I’m sure everyone is ready for a nice break . We really look forward to seeing as many as possible at the Church Service, the March and for the lunch and gathering at Walls Social Club. I am most grateful to all of those that are helping to organise this very special occasion and thank you for your patience after 2 organised reunions had to be cancelled. Should anyone have any queries you are most welcome to contact me direct. Please now complete the attached proforma, as per the instructions, and spread the word. This will be a very special event this year folks, so come along. Those who left ticket payments from previous years will have nothing to pay and if you are unsure I hold the list and you can ring me.
  3. Ibis Hotel will not let me do any bookings due to some organisation who are taking over the whole hotel at this time, however, there is a premier inn close by and I will try to get a reduced rate for us there. Once I have I will publish on this means. We have missed you guys and look forward to seeing you, marching with you and catching up.

Yours sincerely, Len Keeling Tel: 07414 945062 ||


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