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War Stories

Peter Snow and his wife, Ann MacMillan, will speak at the Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton on MON 25 Sep 17 beginning at 7.30pm. They will give an illustrated talk on their new book of military stories, called WAR STORIES – Gripping tales of Courage, Cunning and Compassion. The book is being published, this month, by John Murray.

The book includes 31 stories from history since the 18th century to the 21st century. General and Lady Sale feature, within the context of the Afghan campaign, is one of the stories. Others stories include: an officer at the Charge of the Light Brigade; a spy and saboteur during the Second World War; a US turncoat in the War of Independence; and, a lady who nursed her husband after the Battle of Waterloo. The most recent story relates to Syria and the escape of a chemist from Homs, with his family, and arrival in Sweden in 2015.

More information and tickets can be purchased on line from Wed 20 Sep 17. The Brewhouse website can be accessed via
Thereafter, click on tickets, scroll down to Mon 26 Sep and select ‘more info’.

The Purple Warriors

This morning, I and a group of friends launched a new initiative. Purple Warriors is a dragon boat club for serving and retired members of HM Forces who have some form of impairment (mental or physical) as a result of their service to this country. You may, through Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media already be aware of it. But, if you’re not, please visit our website

and find out what this is all about. Alternatively checkout Facebook or LinkedIn (search for Purple Warriors or there are links in the website).

It’s been a manic day already. Through some clever software stuff, we know we have already reached over 4,000 globally, and we have over 30 recruits from our target community.

All I ask of you is to spread the word. Somewhere out in the big wide world is someone you know, or are indirectly linked to, who might want to join Purple Warriors if only he or she knew about it. So please use you social media connections to help us. If the idea takes off (and it does seem as if it could) we will need sponsors too and, again, someone might just be sufficiently touched by what is happening to help make a difference .

Our plan is to take the sport of dragon boating to the Invictus Games with Purple Warriors the source for a GB team. I am also in discussion with the sport’s peak body (The International Dragon Boat Federation) about having an ‘impaired’ category at future continental and World championships.

I am backed by some really terrific folk - check out the website for an example of pro bono work done by a fellow GB paddler who has no military connections but who is as inspired as I am by our forces.

Thank you


To be remembered at National Memorial Arboretum

The 371 British servicemen who died in the ‘forgotten’ war – on Cyprus in the 1950s – are to be commemorated at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire.

Thanks to ex Royal Military Policeman David Littlemore and the RAF a large piece of Cyprus stone has been brought back to the U.K. where a stonemason will drill out a special chamber to house a copper capsule which will contain a roll of honour bearing the names of the servicemen who died on the island between 1955 and 1959. Most were conscripts – some of the last to lose their lives while carrying out their National Service.

The Cyprus Emergency, as it was known at the time, saw a series of murderous attacks on servicemen in the then British colony by EOKA - the Greek acronym for National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters. Although there is now a large memorial in Kyrenia Cyprus recording the servicemen’s names and regiments, until now there hasn’t been a presence at The National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire solely for those who served in the trouble spot.

The stone should arrive soon at The Arboretum but we’re still waiting to hear when it will be officially unveiled and dedicated.

I’d love to hear from any Cyprus veterans - who served between 1955 and 1959 – along with friends and relatives, so I can add them to a database and keep them updated on progress and the date of dedication.

I can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may not know, but I was Denis Waters batman in Hong Kong, and we have kept in regular contact with each other since our days in the !st BattailonThe  Witlshire Regt.

I am suffering now with Parkinsons disease and before this came on I was a well known competitor road runner here in Cornwall. I have run the London Marathon twice, the Duchy Marathon, and the Cornish marathon, I have won the 70+ category of the Cornish Road running Grand Prix, won the 75+ category at the Leeds half marathon twice, Bristol half marathon twice, Bath half marathon twice, and countless ten kilometre races too many to keep relating to, all at the start of my road running carer which started at the tender age of sixtynine years, I had to finish rrunning two years ago when Parkinsons was found in my system. Where is all this leading to I can hear you asking?

Well last November at the age of eightyfour, I entered a race I have done in the past many times, The Falmouth Mob Match a five mile race along Falmouth sea front, this year I decided to enter the race to raise funds for Parkinsons UK, my club Hayle Runners helped me get donations from participating runners at the race, and we managed to raise a little excess of £1000. I was accompanied by my doctor, who runs for Cornwall AC, my daughter Clare Ex RADC/QARNC. and two lady runners from my club.

The letter I have enclosed below, was from a young lady media student currently studying at Falmouth University, who took the opportunity to do a video item, and it was suggested by Denis Waters, that maybe you would be interested in what I have accomplished, I hope it will be of interest to members of the OCA.

Here’s the link :

Mondemont Commemoration 2016

Every year France commemorates the victory against the invading German armies at the 1st Battle of the Marne in September 1914. Often called the miracle of the Marne the victory saved France from defeat and enemy occupation and thus changed the course of WW1 and history. The German Schlieffen Plan to defeat France in 40 days before turning against Russia was therefore thwarted and they faced a war on two fronts thereafter.

In this titanic fluid battle between two sides of over a million men each Great Britain played a small but significant part through the British Expeditionary Force fighting alongside its French allies. France has not forgotten that British soldiers fought and died for France as well as King, Country and Empire.

An invitation to all regiments who were part of the BEF was extended to join in the annual ceremonies some fifteen years ago and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Association has attended ever since. The Association's annual party is already boosted by inclusion of some from other regiments and an invitation to Rifles Regimental Association members to join us this year is made with pleasure.

The following units of The Rifles antecedent regiments fought on the Marne. 1 Dorsets, 1 Devons, 2 KOYLI, 1 D of C LI, 1 KSLI, 2 DLI, 1 Glos, 2 KRRC, 1 KRRC, 1 RB, 3 RB, 2 O & B LI,
1 Berks, 1 Wilts, 1 SLI.

This year the party departs London by coach early on 1st September returning early evening on the 5th. Cost will be £250 per person inclusive of coach, ferry, four nights B&B in a family run hotel near Epernay, ie virtually inclusive. Wives/partners are welcome. Parking over the weekend is available at our start point - Fusilier House in Balham.

It should be stressed that this is NOT your average Battlefield Tour type of trip. It is very much an extremely enjoyable long weekend of comradeship in the delightful Champagne Region of France. The September weather is normally excellent. We attend some pleasing and meaningful ceremonies organised by our French hosts leaving plenty of time for private enjoyment. Our presence is greatly valued by the French.

To express interest in joining and/or to seek further information please contact the organiser and trip leader Richard Adams on 01608 662328 or 07961452192 or
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> There are very few places remaining so please don't delay.


Cyprus scene has been liaising with David Littlemore regarding his wonderful project to have a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum which will be a piece of Rock from Cyprus to honour the British service personnel who lost their lives during the Cyprus Emergency 1955-59.

We have now published a first article which will be followed by a second and then a third which will cover the unveiling when the Rock is completed and placed in its location at the Arboretum.

Everything is going ahead with the help of the RAF who have given this project their support and David is now establishing a fund for the completion of the Memorial Rock and future maintenance.

The link to the first article is as follows:

A Cyprus Rock is going "home" to the UK and is to be laid at the National Memorial Arboretum in memory of the British service personnel who lost their lives in the Cyprus Emergency 1955-59. To read more the link is

Mark Bishop - 2016 London Marathon - Team Leader at Army Recruiting Team in Aldershot

It's a good cause a smaller charity but important as its what helps this earth produce oxygen.

I'm raising money for The Rainforest Foundation (UK) by taking part in 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon. Please sponsor me at

 Rededication of the 66th Foot Colours

The Colours of the 66th Foot previously hung in the Minster, Reading and prior to being re-hung in the Minster, will be re-dedicated by the Bishop of Reading

at a Choral Eucharist Service in the Minster at 1100 hrs on 25th October 2015.

The Archdeacon of Berkshire & the previous Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire, Mrs Mary Bayliss, will be in attendance. Previous Officers and Soldiers of The Royal Berkshire Regiment(49th/66th Foot) will be led by Mag Gen D.T Crabtree CB.

Dress: Suits, Medals and decorations.





In Memoriam

Pte Peter Pickard GLOSTERS December 2017

WO 1 (Band Master) Nigel Borlase DERR 27 January 2018

Sgt (Gilly) Gilbert Cromwell GLOSTERS January 2018

Maj (Nobby) Arthur Clarke WILTS 01 February 2018

Cpl Brian FitzGerald DERR 02 February 2018

Sgt David White DERR

Pte (Bill) Gerald Lancaster WILTS February 2018

Maj A H Jones GLOSTERS March 2018

Lt Michael Barnes WILTS 22 March 2018

Capt James MacMillan DERR 26 March 2018

Bandsman Peter Owens GLOSTERS 1st Quarter 2018

Ronald Fowler GLOSTERS May 2018

Cpl (Jock) Gerry Mullen DERR 16 May 2018

LCpl Peter Simpson DERR May 2018

Michael Strong GLOSTERs 26 June 2018

Alan Baynham-Jones SOGM 22 May 2018

C/Sjt R C Cleverley WILTS

Sgt R Bryant WILTS

Thomas Bridgeman WILTS


Raymond Gibson R BERKS

C R Thompson WILTS

Trevor Thomas WILTS

Les Amer R BERKs 07.12.2015

C/Sgt C. R. Ashley WILTS Dec 2017

LCpl Neville Baker GLOSTERS 07.10.2017

Michael Baldwin GLOSTERS Jun 2017

Ernest Bank GLOSTERS 01.03.2016

William Bayliss R. BERKS 06.05.2016

Cpl Frank Bisp GLosters 20.10.2016

John Bradbury WILTS 09.02.2016

John Broker DERR 1st Quarter 2016

Andrew Cameron GLOSTERS 14.04.2016

Cpl Francis Carlile GLOSTERS 14.06.2017

Barry Carter DERR Jul 2017

Sgt Tom Cawley DERR 22.12.2016

D/Major Jean Choules DERR 27.11.2017

WO2 Roland Clarke DERR Jul 2017

F. W. Collins DERR Feb 2016

Cpl Michael Collins DERR 01.05.2017

Sgt James Connolly GLOSTERS 19.07.2016

Ronald Connolly GLOSTERS 18.08.2017

Royston Cox GLOSTERS 11.01.2016

Ian Abbot Davies GLOSTERS 21.10.2015

WO1 M. Dawes BEM GLOSTERS Nov 2016

Patrick Doyle GLOSTERS 07.02.2016

Anthony Eagle MBE GLOSTERS 29.02.2016

Colin Elllam GLOSTERS 03.01.2017

Stanley Fey GLOSTERS 18.01.2016

Cpl Terry Foote GLOSTERS 13.03.2017

Robert Ford GLOSTERS 1.09.2017

Walter Fox GLOSTERS 19.06.2016

Maj Sandy Fraser R. BERKS 13.11.2017
Fred Frost R. BERKS April 2016

S. B. Gibbard GLOSTERS 25.12.2016
P. A. Grady WILTS 21.12.2016

George Hamilton RGBW/RIFLES 19.09.2016

Sgt George Harold REME 27.07.2016

WO 1 J Harrington GLOSTERS 21.01.2016
Ronald Hawkins DERR 14.12.2016

Maj R Hicks MBE DERR 23.01.2017

Sgt Geoffrey Hobbs DERR 17.07.2017

Maj D. L Hudson GLOSTERS 25.06.2016

Barry Hughes GLOSTERS 07.10.2016

Robert James DERR 05.04.2016

Terrence James GLOSTERS April 2017

WO 1 Len Jones R. BERKS 10.10.2016

Derek Kelly GLOSTERS 12.03.2016

Sgt Stanley Kemp WILTS 27.12.2017

Col Philip King OBE DERR 22.01.2017

M. Lamble R. BERKS April 2016

Paul Langton GLOSTERS 29.12.2017

Terry Leonard R. BERKS 10.11.2017

Sidney Lewendon GLOSTERS 26.09.2016

Keith Lovegrove DERR 06.07.2016

Sgt Steve McPherson DERR 31.05.2017

Capt Eric Millard DERR November 2016

Jim Morris GLOSTERS 01.08.2017

Norman Morse GLOSTERS 4th Quarter 2016

Alfred Nash GLOSTERS 13.01.2016

Harold Nash GLOSTERS 28.05.2017

Sgt Hubert Neale GLOSTERS 05.03.2016

Maj Phillip Newman R. BERKS 08.11.2017

Clem O’Leary GLOSTERS 22.02.2017

Don Osborne GLOSTERS 23.03.2016

Nicholas O’Toole DERR 20.04.2016

Sgt Raymond Paine GLOSTERS 10.02.2

Cpl Peter Phelps GLOSTERS 12.05.2017

Maj Alan Pickford TD WILTS 31.10.2016

C/Sgt Tony Pinnell DERR February 2016

Colin Pockett R. BERKS June 2016

John Pound GLOSTERS 19.08.2016

Kevin Power DERR Sept 2017

Lee Sellens DERR February 2017

Reginald Simpkins GLOSTERS 13.11.2017

Vincent Spring GLOSTERS 06.08.2017

Albert Strange GLOSTERS 22.01.2017

WO2 Clive Summers GLOSTERS 02.10.2017

D. Sutton-Thompson GLOSTERS 24.03.2016

Eric Tideswell GLOSTERS 27.11.2017

Cpl H. L.A. Turk R. BERKS 07.01.2016

David Wadley R. BERKS 07.04.2016

Sgt George Webb GLOSTERS 17.03.20

Sgt Maurice Webb GLOSTERS 25.12.2015

Christopher Walker GLOSTERS 14.12.2017

Sgt Bernard Welch WILTS 06.07.2017

Maj Donald Welch WILTS 22.06.2017

WO2 Francis Welsh MBE GLOSTERS 29.09/2015

Cpl Will Westwood GLOSTERS May 2017

Ben Whitchurch GLOSTERS Jan 2016

Cpl Mervyn White GLOSTERS 26.08.2017

WO2 Chris Whiting DERR March 2017

Anthony Whittle GLOSTERS 09.01.2017

Alan Williams GLOSTERS 13.04.2016

Geoff Young WILTS 09.06.2017

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