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The Stroud Branch


Stroud Branch meetings are held on a lunchtime on the first Tuesday in March, June and September at the Clothiers Arms, 1 Bath Road, Stroud, Glo. The Branch ends the year with a Christmas lunch at the Clothiers Arms on the first Tuesday in December. Contact the Secretary for all timings.

We are here to welcome you, whether you are an ex member of the Glosters, RGBW or Rifles. So why not make contact with us and come along to one of our lunchtime meetings. Wives, partners or girlfriends are also very welcome. The advantage of being a member of a Branch opens up lots of opportunities to meet up with other Branches and attend Regimental functions.

Contact Point and Secretary:

Mr S McBryde

8 Beale Close


Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 8DF

Tel: 01453 885513


Major PH Hall MBE


Morris Vizor



Mrs Jenny McBryde

Social Secretary:

Standard Bearer:

Mr. S McBryde

From Address:

 The Newsletter



In February 2016 Mr Percy Franklin was delighted to receive a letter from the French Embassador in London stating that the President of the Republic of France, Monsieur Francis Hollande, had authorised the award of the Le’gion d`honneur in the rank of Chevalier, in recognition of Percy’s military engagement and involvement in the Liberation of France during the Second World War.

Unfortunately the French Honorary Consul was not available to present this award but Col Mike Motum kindly stepped in and presented the award to Percy at a ceremony which took place at Painswick Golf Club on 16th March. The event was attended by Percy’s wife Margaret and sons and daughters, together with friends and members of the RGBW Association.


Percy joined the Glosters in 1943 before being transferred to the South Wales Borderers. In 1944 he landed on the Cherberg peninsular in Normandy with the 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers. They took part in the bitter fighting around Caen and casualties were heavy for all units. In late August his Battalion reached Pont Audemer on the River Risle about 40 kilometers to the West of Rouen. While at Pont Audemer Percy suffered shrapnel wounds to his ankle and lower limbs from enemy artillery fire. After his wounds had stabilised he was returned to England by hospital ship. After a long recovery he eventually arrived at Robinswood Barracks, Gloucester. Some shrapnel remains in his leg to this day.


In June we received the sad news that Major David Hudson, former Royal Hampshire Regiment and Assistant Regimental Secretary and Regimental Association Secretary RHQ Glosters for 10 years, had passed away on 25 June 2016 aged 89 years. He had also served as President of the Stroud Valleys Branch for many years. Major Hudson was commissioned into the Royal Hampshire Regiment in April 1946, serving with 2/4 Bn in Greece and then Palestine with 1 Bn. He had a long and distinguished service serving in East Africa, Malaya, B.A.O.R. and Northern Ireland. Members will be interested to know that he also studied Serbo-Croat and Russian to aid his various Intelligence appointments. He retired from military service on 29 December 1981. His home was in Painswick until his death in 2016. A service of Thanksgiving and Celebration was held at St. Mary’s Church, Painswick. He was a very well-liked and respected man in the Painswick community and he leaves two daughters, Clare and Charlotte.

In November members attended the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey and our Chairman Morris Vizor, Secretary Scott McBryde, Carol Vizor and Paul Whitcher marched with the RGBW contingent at The National Service of Remembrance at The Cenotaph, Whitehall. Members also attended local Services of Remembrance in the Stroud area. The Branch is also very grateful that the Stroud Army Cadet Force kindly laid a wreath on our behalf at the Remembrance Day service in Stroud.

The year finished with a very enjoyable Christmas lunch at the beginning of December. Rita Owens had travelled down from Nottingham and Richard Green drove down from Colchester. Pictures are on the Branch webpage.

 Our Members

  • Dave Timbrell and Graham Wicks
  • Hits: 423
  • Maj (Retd) Phil Hall (President) and Scott McBryde (Secretary)
  • Hits: 390
  • Roy Watkins and Carl Vizor
  • Hits: 413
  • Percy Franklin
  • Hits: 89
  • Morris and Scott Tait
  • Hits: 98
  • Paul Whitcher
  • Hits: 93
  • Richard Green_1
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Remembrance Day 2014 

'Pictures taken at The Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey Thursday 6 November 2014

Carl Vizor and Scott McBryde Field of Remembrance 6 Nov 14

Christmas Lunch 

Just a few pictures from our Christmas lunch. The Branch presented Graham Wicks, our ex Chairman, with a glass beer tankard engraved with the Back Badge as a gift of appreciation for all his hard work as Chairman of the Stroud Valleys Branch

  • Don't shake it too hard Graham
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  • Graham Wicks and gift
  • Hits: 400
  • Marian Timbrell and Linda Wicks
  • Hits: 412
  • Percy, Margaret and Dave
  • Hits: 365
  • Rita Owens and brother William
  • Hits: 377
  • Scott McBryde, Maj Hudsonand Percy Franklin
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 Photos from 2015

  • Dave Timbrell Gloucester Cathedral 27 June 15
  • Hits: 449
  • Graham Wicks Back Badge Parade 21 March 15
  • Hits: 478
  • Maj Phil Hall MBE The Gables 21 March 2015
  • Hits: 449
  • Morris Vizor and Scott McBryde Back Badge Parade 21 March 15
  • Hits: 457
  • Roy Watkins The Gables 21 March 2015
  • Hits: 436
  • Scott McBryde Gloucester Cathedral 27 June 15
  • Hits: 445
  • Val Watkins The Gables 21 March 2015
  • Hits: 440
  • Brigadier Davdison-Houston CBE and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
  • Hits: 414
  • Prince Harry talking to Green Jacket members
  • Hits: 410
  • RGBW Association Members and Lt Col Lerwill OBE MA at the Field of Remembrance 8 Nov 2015
  • Hits: 419
  • RGBW Plot Field of Remembrance 5 Nov 2015
  • Hits: 404
  • Photo of Graham Wicks standing outside Stroud Subscription Rooms inreadiness for the Remembrance PService of Remembrance
  • Hits: 404

The Cenotaph 2015 

Pictures taken from opposite Horse Guards Parade Ground on Sunday 8 November 2015.
Three members from the Stroud Branch marched, namely Morris Vizor (Chairman), Carl Vizor and Scott McBryde.

  • Prince William ready to take Salute
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  • RGBW Marching at rear of Horse Guards 8 Nov 2015
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  • Scott McBryde and Paul Whitcher 8 Nov 2015
  • Hits: 343
  • Stroud Members Carl and Morris Vizor in back row 8 Nov 2015
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Percy Franklin is awarded The Chevalier de la Legion d`Honneur

 Stroud Branch Member Mr Percy Franklin aged 91yrs, was presented with the Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur by Lt Col MJR Motum DL, County Secretary, The Rifles, at Painswick Golf Club on Wednesday 16th March 2106. It was a very happy occasion for Percy, surrounded by family, friends and Branch members.

Percy was a private in the Gloucestershire Regiment, attached to the 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers on D-Day. On June 9 1944 he disembarked and advanced through Caen, Falaise Gap and Nantes as a "hedgerow fighter". While manning a machine gun position at Pont Audemer and 88mm German shell exploded nearby blowing him across the road. His life was saved by a tree stump. He suffered serious facial and leg injuries and was taken to hospital in Bayeux on August 25, eventually being returned to Southampton on a Polish Hospital Ship.

  • Percy's cake, Award and younger self
  • Hits: 298
  • Enjoying a cup of tea before the event
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  • Percy cutting his cake
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  • Percy on the day the award arrived
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  • Percy wearing his Legion d`Honneur_1
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 Field of Remembrance 2016

On Thursday 10th November 2016 Stroud branch members Scott McBryde and Paul Whitcher (both ex Glosters) attended the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey in support of the RGBW Association. HRH Duke of Edinburgh was in good spirits and HRH Prince Harry darted from side to side talking to as many groups as possible. A very worthwhile event to attend

  • HRH Prince Phillip
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  • HRH Prince Harry
  • Hits: 243
  • Paul Whitcher and Scott McBryde
  • Hits: 283
  • People beginning to arrive at the Abbey
  • Hits: 248
  • The RGBW Plot
  • Hits: 274

 'The Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph Parade at Horse Guards, Sunday 13 November 2016'

Stroud branch members Morris and Carl Vizor, Scott McBryde and Paul Whitcher attended the Royal British Legion Remembrance Parade at Horse Guards on Sunday 13 November. 10,000 veterans were on parade. This year the RGBW contingent formed part of Column A which was at the front of the Parade. Jenny and Carol accompanied husbands Scott and Paul to the Parade and stood at Horse Guards Road watching all the diplomatic cars arrive at the rear of Downing Street. Boris Johnson walked down Horse Guards Road with his wife (he rode his bicycle last year). HRH Prince Charles took the Salute at the March Past.

  • HRH Prince Charles preparing to take the salute
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  • RGBW Association Members
  • Hits: 338
  • Carl Vizor 4th row barrier side
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  • Morris Vizor bringing up the rear
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  • The Royal Car
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  • untitled
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 Branch Christmas Lunch 2016

Stroud Branch met up at The Clothiers Arms Stroud for Christmas Lunch on Tuesday 6th December. Lovely meal and fantastic staff. Percy wore his Legion d'honneur with pride and enjoyed the meal. Margaret was unfortunately not well and missed the meal. Richard drove over from Colchester trying not to break speed limits and Rita drove down from Nottingham the day before. Val had undergone an eye operation the week before but was determined to make it. A small branch but tight knit.

  • No it's not time to leave yet Phil
  • Hits: 261
  • Now this is how we escape without paying
  • Hits: 227
  • Now what are Scott and Richard up to
  • Hits: 250
  • Percy wearing his Legion de` honneur
  • Hits: 242
  • Phil and Sandra
  • Hits: 232
  • Richard, Scott, Percy and Mandy
  • Hits: 264
  • William, Rita and Val
  • Hits: 253
  • A view down the table
  • Hits: 243
  • Carl, Dave and Marion
  • Hits: 240
  • Graham and Linda
  • Hits: 241
  • Morris and Val
  • Hits: 246

 Woodchester Wayside Cross Service of Re Dedication Saturday 10 June 2017

Stroud Branch members, along with members from The Forest of Dean and Somerset Branches attended a Service of Re Dedication of the World War I wooden Wayside Cross at Woodchester, a village south of Stroud, on Saturday 10 June 2017. The Princess Royal attended, along with the Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire.
The Cross is the only memorial commenced and completed during WWI. It was originally dedicated on 3rd June 1917 and is situated below the now closed Dominican Priory situated just off the Bath Road outside Nailsworth. Scott McBryde carried the Stroud Branch Standard.

  • Glosters Group at the Wayside Cross
  • Hits: 121
  • Princess Anne talking to Scott McBryde
  • Hits: 66
  • Alan Putterill, Rhoda and Tony Linker
  • Hits: 66
  • Woodchester Wayside Cross
  • Hits: 64
  • Princess Anne inspecting the Standards
  • Hits: 82

Remembrance Day 2017


Stroud branch members Scott McBryde and Paul Whitcher joined fellow members of the Rifles and RGBW Association in the March Past the Cenotaph in Whitehall on Sunday 12 November 2017. It was a cold windy morning but luckily the weather stayed dry. HRH Prince Edward took the Salute at the rear of Horse Guards as all the Veterans marched around from the Cenotaph

  • The Cenotaph 2017_1
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  • The Cenotaph 2017_2
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  • The Cenotaph 2017_3
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  • The Cenotaph 2017_4
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  • The Cenotaph 2017_5
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 Stroud Remembrance Parade

Stroud Branch members Morris Vizor (Chairman), Scott McBryde (Standard Bearer), Carl Vizor and Graham Wicks attended the Service of Remembrance at Stroud Subscription Rooms at 11am on Saturday 11 November 2017. It was well attended and the local Police stopped the traffic around the forecourt of Stroud Subscription Rooms for the 2 Minute Silence

  • Stroud remembrance Parade 2017_1
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  • Stroud remembrance Parade 2017_2
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  • Stroud remembrance Parade 2017_3
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 The Field of Remembrance 2017

Stroud Branch members Scott McBryde and Paul Whitcher attended The Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on Thursday 9 November 2017 together with other members of the Rifles and RGBW Association.  It was, as always, a good occasion and HRH Prince Harry stayed for a few minutes in front of our plot.

  • The Field of Remembrance 2017_1
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  • The Field of Remembrance 2017_2
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  • The Field of Remembrance 2017_3
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 Christmas Lunch 2017

Stroud Branch members met at The Clothiers Arms in Stroud on Tuesday 5 December 2017 for their Christmas Lunch. Tony and Rhoda Linker, Allan Putterill and Bob Townley joined us from the Forest of Dean Branch, together with new Stroud Branch member Scott Tait who is RSM of the Gloucestershire Rifles ACF. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and luckily the weather was good for all those who had to travel from various locations - Nottingham, Abergavenny, Wiltshire and the Forest of . A big thank you to Morris, our Chairman, for running the Raffle

  • Duncan, Tony and Alan
  • Hits: 93
  • Morris and Scott Tait
  • Hits: 88
  • Phil and Sandra
  • Hits: 93
  • Rhoda and Val
  • Hits: 90
  • Roy and Rita
  • Hits: 93
  • Scott and Percy
  • Hits: 91
  • William
  • Hits: 96
  • Alan and Bob
  • Hits: 88
  • Carl and Val Vizor
  • Hits: 96

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