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  • The Death of Lt Col Ron Coleman, Glosters
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Sep 8

Branches Annual Grant from Association

Branches are reminder that to qualify for the annual £100 grant from the Association they need to submit copies of the accounts for the FY ending March 31 2019. These do not need to be a full audited set o f accounts if branches do not have a Treasurer but the do need to be signed off a s being a true reflection of the Expenditure and Income of the branches past FY.

Statements to that effect need to be passed to the acting Association Treasurer, Lt Col Mike Motum,at the Rifles Office Taunton,

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Sep 8

Cenotaph 2019 - Update No2

The following nominations have been invited and have accepted the invitation by providing their personal details. The tickets will be mailed to the Secretary/Chairman in the first two weeks of October and he will forward them to each individuals.  In surname Alphabetical order and with no rank annotated those who have tickets reserved are:

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Sep 8

OP Banner 50 Commemoration at the National Arboretum

When it was announced that the Royal British Legion would be organising back in the early part of 2019, the RBL wanted each Regimental Association to register so that their members would request tickets via their own associations.

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Aug 28

Informing the Association of a veterans death

 In the event of one of the Regimental family members passing away we owe to the families and the membership to provide as much detail as we possible can.

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Aug 27

The Death of Frank Cottam, Glosters

You may wish to be aware of the recent death of Mr Frank Cottam MBE, aged 93. Frank, as a regular army sergeant, served in A Company, 1st Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment, at the Battle of the Imjin River. He was subsequently taken prisoner.

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