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  • Funeral Arrangements for Patricia (Trish) Wakelin
  • The Death of L/Cpl Chris 'Ginge' Whittall, 1 Glosters
  • The Death of Stephen Shaw, 1DERR
  • Lidgate War Memorial Re-dedication Service 3rd November 2019


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In view of the unintended clash of the AGM (set a year ago) and the Thanksgiving Service for the safe return of 1 Rifles from their recent operational tour and the subsequent low numbers signed up for the AGM, the Association's 2019 AGM, due to be held on 23 November 2019, has been postponed until Saturday 18 January 2020.


Regrettably that means there will two AGM's during 2020, the delayed 2019 AGM and the 2020 at a dated to be selected on 18 January 2020.

Venue will remain the same, namely the Wyvern Club, Church Walk, Devizes.

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