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The Death of Sjt Roy Welland - R Berks

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It is with sadness that we report the passing of a Kohima Veteran. Serjeant Roy Welland has passed into the light at the age of 96. Roy was in the Royal Berkshires and fought across the Tennis Court after the Siege was lifted.


In 2013 Roy and his partner Ruth Smith were in a small group went to Japan to the burial place of Lieutenant General Sato - Commander of the Japanese 31st Division. There we met a Japanese Veteran who had also fought across the Tennis Court. The 2 men embraced and wept in an emotional meeting.

Roy, in his original bush hat was to be seen at all of the Burma campaign and Kohima reunions and Memorial days.

Another Ordinary Man who did extraordinary deeds at a time when ordinary men walked large in the world. Rest in Peace Roy - it was a pleasure to have known you as our journeys through this life crossed.



Jon Wort
- 24 June 2019 at 09:51am

I had the privilege of escorting him to both India and Burma on several occasions. He was an absolutely charming gentleman and a true ‘Royal Berkshire’ soldier. Is till recall some of the stories he told me on trips.
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