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As a Regimental Association we have bid for and been allocated 30 places at the Annual Whitehall Cenotaph Parade, which for 2019 takes place on Sunday 10 November.

To date I have been asked by the following 13 if they may apply for a place:


Brigadier Patrick Davidson-Houston; Jeremy Tozer; Dennis Watts: Scott McBryde; Paul Whitcher; Luke Sheen; Michael Taylor; Edward Travell; Mark Payne; Stuart Quarterman; Trevor Jones; Pete Legg; and Alan Winchester.

So we now have 17 available places for Association Members or Wives, husbands or civil partners of those who died as a result of their service in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces or during a time of war. If we do not use our full allocation of 30 our unused allocations will be given to other Regimental Associations.

I have to close our Register so that the security accreditation is completed by 19 August So can I ask that anyone wishing to join in on the Cenotaph Parade with the Association, which covers the RGBW, Glosters, DERR, Royal Berkshires and Wiltshire you get your names and you email address in ASAP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each of the 13 who have already asked me if they may attend should have received an email via the RBL (tonight 10 July) stating that they have been invited to join the RGBW on the Cenotaph Parade. If you want to accept that invitation you need to respond to the email by logging with the supplied hyperlink to provide your details which will include:
a. The Title you wish to be addressed by; e.g. Mr or your retired Rank
b. Your First name
c. Surname.
d. Date of Birth
e. City of Birth
d. Complete your address details

Once your details have been check the register I hold for the Association will be informed you have met the security checks. All Tickets will be sent to me in October by post, along with Joining Instructions for the day. I have to distribute these to your participants.

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