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The attached letter covers behaviour before, during and after the Army vs Navy rugby match.  It outlines the disappointment of the last year, how out of line the behaviour is with civilian matches and how important it is to get the message out to the wider Regimental family.  It has been deliberately sent out early to allow it to be sent out along the Regimental network and to allow those attending to set expectations accordingly.

Please ensure that it is passed on and reinforced.  It is a great day, a brilliant reunion and a wonderful sporting event which attracts national-level interest.  We must protect and preserve such an iconic event by reinforcing the need to behave and uphold the law.

Brig M J Gamble

Head Arms & Services | HQ Home Command | Montgomery House | Floor 2, Zone 2 | Queen’s Ave | Aldershot | GU11 2JN


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