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Some of you live too far from a "Bricks and Mortar" association branch to make it worth while joining, or maybe you just don't want to make that descion quite yet, why pay subs etc when you'll never or rarley attend meeting. So why not join the online branch? Whilst this propasal is still very much in it's infancy and not yet official, if enough of of veterans show an interest in this maybe we can convince the commitee that this would be a good option. I'm not too sure how it wouild work at the momnent but to start with it would give Association members a sense of belonginhgg to the association and not being just another statuistic and might even lead to mebership of a "Bricks and Mortar" branch. If you are interested in this then please fill in the form below and select "Online Branch". Once again this is not official


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03 Feb 2018 13:56 - The Webmaster

DERR@60 Hello all Farmers Boys! The newly formed Committee to organise a fitting celebration to co [ ... ]

Whitehall Remembrance Parade 2018
01 Feb 2018 10:44 - The Webmaster

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The Salisbury Reunion
15 Sep 2015 16:26 - The Webmaster

SALISBURY WEEKEND SATURDAY 7TH & SUNDAY 8TH JULY 2018 The 2018 Salisbury Reunion Dinner will be [ ... ]



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