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Captain (Retd) Ian Spence

The following message has been received from Rosemary and the family:

“We have finally arranged all the details for Ian’s funeral.
We will have a family cremation in the morning of Monday 17 July 2023 and then a service at 1 pm at The Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury in East Clandon (ten minutes from our house in Guildford on the Leatherhead road) followed by tea at Emma’s house which is easy walking from the church or cars can get even nearer.
We are hoping to make the church service a happy occasion (if possible!) with readings and eulogy from our children and grandchildren, with meaningful hymns”.

Those wishing to send condolence to Rosemary should ask for the address from either Debbie Hards at the Rifles Office Taunton  ( )or to the Chairman of the Association ( )

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